San Francisco partner and Chair of the Labor & Employment Group Cheryl Orr was quoted in an article titled, “NBCUniversal settles with unpaid interns for $6.4 Million,” in The Los Angeles Times.

NBCUniversal and a group of former interns have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that contends the interns should have been paid for their work.  The $6.4 million settlement, subject to court approval, would be shared by thousands of interns, including some who worked at “Saturday Night Live.”

The lawsuit is among several that have shaken up the entertainment industry in New York and Los Angeles, where unpaid internships have long been a cost-saver for television networks, movie studios, production companies and music labels and a foot in the door for Hollywood hopefuls.

Cheryl noted, however, that she “would not put too much stock in the ‘precedent’ created” by the NBCUniversal settlement. “There may or may not have been other business factors impacting the outcome. Certainly these cases will continue to be hard-fought,” she said.

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