Philadelphia partner Bill Clark was formally thanked in a new report by the Social Impact Investment Taskforce, which was established last year under UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s presidency of the G8.  The G8 is made up of representatives of the world’s eight major industrial nations.

The Social Impact Investment Taskforce was formed to study and report on social impact investing and several working groups were set up to assist.  As a result of his extensive work with B Lab, the nonprofit that works to advance Benefit Corporation legislation throughout the United States, Bill was appointed to the Mission Alignment Working Group. 

During the course of the working group’s activities, Bill took responsibility for crafting the group’s formal recommendations.  In the taskforce’s full report, Bill was thanked for “for turning [the group’s] thoughts into clear legal drafting.” 

The introduction to the group’s recommendations on page 13 reads: “The Working Group is grateful to the thorough work of William Clark, in turning our recommendations into an international model to which legislators can make appropriate changes in their countries. In recognition, we call this the Clark Bill, and it is included in full in Annex A to this report."