Stephanie Dodge Gournis was quoted in a Business Insurance article highlighting recent NLRB rulings regarding student athletes.

The article, titled “Northwestern NLRB student-athlete ruling spotlights school employment practices,” discusses a NLRB regional ruling finding that students who receive scholarships are employees under the National Labor Relations Act. Northwestern had asked a full NLRB to overturn the ruling, stating that allowing student athletes to unionize would have a chaotic impact on the sport and university administration.

As to whether the NLRB’s finding of employment status exposes universities to other employment-related discrimination claims by student athletes, Stephanie noted that “[i]n every case, the court would have to interpret the standards under whichever law is in question based on the very specific circumstances of each group of athletes…Courts are not going to determine an individual’s status under a certain law absent a complaint, which puts the burden of proof on the plaintiff,” Stephanie said.

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Source: Business Insurance Online
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