Washington, D.C., partner Laura Phillips was quoted in Ecommerce Times in an article titled, “Net Neutrality Takes a Licking,” which discussed next steps for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) now that a federal appeals court has rendered its rules governing open access to the Internet null and void.

In a case brought by Verizon against the FCC, the court found the agency lacked the authority to impose antidiscrimination and antiblocking rules on providers of Internet broadband services; rules the FCC had adopted to foster Net neutrality – or a free and open Internet. The court did, however, leave the door open for a reprise of the regulations by the agency on further review.

FCC chairman Thomas Wheeler said the agency would consider all available options to ensure networks “continue to provide a free and open platform for innovation and expression.”

Speaking to TechNewsWorld, Laura predicted possible legislative involvement in light of the decision:

"I think this is a big enough mess and there's enough ambiguity about how everything should be regulated that I would see Congress having a role in this," she said.

"Whether it hastens the day when there's a massive overhaul of the telecom laws is anybody's guess," she added, "but there will be a lot of Hill action as a result of this -- no question."

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