Washington, D.C. partner Bob Stoll was quoted in a recent World Intellectual Property Review article, titled, “Apple Secures ITC Ban on Samsung Products.” The article discusses the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) ban on Samsung being able to import certain products that have been found to infringe on two Apple patents. This comes days after the U.S. government overruled an ITC order that banned Apple from importing certain products.

In a 2011 complaint, Apple accused Samsung of infringing seven patents. Since then, the ITC has found that Samsung’s products infringe claims within two Apple patents.

A spokesman for Samsung said the company was disappointed by the ruling, which is the latest in a string of related disputes between the two companies.

The August 9 ban will come into effect after 60 days of the ruling unless vetoed by the US government.

“Because the patents in the latest case are not [standard essential patents] , the ban will ‘probably not’ be overturned by the Obama Administration,” Bob said.

He continued, “There needs to be a mechanism in place that makes it easier for companies to settle such cases outside of court. This is a blood feud that is hurting both companies and filling the pockets of attorneys. I wish we could have an arbitration or mediation mechanism allowing them to reach agreement on a worldwide basis.”

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