Lee Petro, Of Counsel to the Washington, DC, office, was quoted in The Columbus Dispatch article titled “Phone calls pricey for families of Ohio inmates” on May 13. The article discusses the high costs for interstate calls to and from its Ohio prisons and the heavy financial burden it puts on the family of the incarcerated.

Lee said the costs amount to “an imposition on the families that is unjust and unreasonable. Generally speaking, it falls on the people who can least afford it.” He also said Ohio and other states could save money in the long run by acting to reduce phone rates, thereby encouraging inmates to remain in contact with their families. He said that is a major factor in reducing recidivism — the rate at which ex-offenders return to prison.

Lee took over a case about five years ago that is currently pending with the FCC in Washington as an example of a “revenue profit-sharing scheme, with the prisons on one side and the telephone companies on the other.”

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