Washington, D.C., partner Gary Rinkerman was a featured speaker and panelist last week on two events hosted by the Application Developers Alliance, a prominent industry association that includes corporate members such as AT&T, Ericsson, Google and Samsung.

The events, held April 9 in San Francisco and April 10 in Los Angeles, discussed the problems raised when Patent Assertion Entities engage in abusive “troll” tactics, as well as potential solutions. The events drew more than 500 attendees from the high tech industry and academia. Gary was a featured keynote speaker and panel member in presentations and dialog that included discussions of potential reforms at the United States Patent Office, Congressional actions, investigations by the FTC and DOJ, specific litigation tactics and reforms in the judiciary and the ITC and innovative industry actions, such as the formation of wiki groups to gather prior art and the development of “anti-troll” patent portfolios.

Currently, Patent Assertion Entities account for over 60 percent of new patent litigation and the burdens on industry and innovation caused by patent trolls was even recently highlighted in President Obama’s comments on the patent system.

The Application Developers Alliance represents more than 20,000 individuals and more than 100 companies, and partners with dozens of nonprofits and service providers to deliver additional value to our members, including discounted access to events and coworking spaces, free guidance and access to attorneys, and essential tools and resources for developers.

The firm is an associate member of the Application Developers Alliance. We also are co-sponsoring a separate event/webinar on patent troll response on May 8 in Palo Alto.