Philadelphia partner Scott Coffina was quoted in the The Hill in an article titled, “Obama Court Appointee Likely to Decide Contempt Battle Between Issa, Holder.”

The article discusses the on-going contempt proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder, which may eventually be decided in court.  House Republicans and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are at odds over President Obama’s use of executive privilege on the documents that led to the contempt charges.

The contempt charges came after Holder refused to give the House Oversight Committee access to certain internal documents having to do with the botched “Fast and Furious” gun-walking operation, which may have led to the killing of a Border Patrol agent. President Obama eventually asserted executive privilege in a bid to prevent the contempt finding.

A court ruling on the matter could drastically limit congressional subpoena powers — or curb the extent to which the president can claim executive privilege.

Scott commented that the case is extremely important because it could set a new precedent for what information Congress has a right to access.

“There’s a very important prerogative from both branches at stake in a decision like this: the assertion of executive privilege in future cases and Congress’s right to insist on getting full, complete, and accurate information when they’re conducting investigations,” he said.

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