Robyn Shapiro Quoted in Law360

Milwaukee partner Robyn Shapiro was quoted in Law360 after the release of the final version of the physician payment sunshine rule. The final rule leaves a window of 45 days for physicians to review and dispute the payment information submitted by manufacturers and then an additional 15 days for the manufacturers to correct the data for purposes of resolving the dispute, before the information is published.

Ahead of the final rule, doctors' groups lobbied the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for a longer review time, as well as a chance to publicly rebut or block disputed information from being published. CMS, however, did not oblige.

"Did the doctors get what they wanted? The answer's no," said Robyn.

Doctors are concerned that the database could include inaccurate information or accurate data without enough context -- information that could harm their reputation among patients and colleagues or in the press.

"They're worried it's going to look like they're on the take," Robyn said.

Source: Law360