Washington, D.C., partner Mercedes Meyer was pictured in Legal Bisnow as she predicted that attacks on DNA will stir the IP industry’s next wave of cases. 

Bisnow visited Mercedes in the Washington, D.C., office, where they snapped her with her cuddly streptococcus bacterium and gene patent lawsuit cartoons.

The article notes that Mercedes testified recently on behalf of the American IP Law Association (AIPLA) before the USPTO about genetic testing and the America Invents Act. The Supreme Court recently granted certiorari in the Myriad case, which will ensure that the debate over gene patent eligibility will be a hot topic again this year.

The article also notes Mercedes’ recent trip to Japan on behalf of AIPLA where she visited with the women of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) for their first joint meeting of AIPLA and JPAA women. She is pictured with the JPAA’s first female president, Sumiko Shimosaka.

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