Washington, D.C., of counsel Lee Petro was quoted in Bloomberg after the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) end-of-year Notice of Proposed Rule Making on the issue of prison phone call rates.

In a press release, the agency said it would consider rate caps and other measures to rein-in costs in the $1.2 billion market dominated by Global Tel*Link Corp. and Securus Technologies Inc., companies owned by private-equity firms.

Lee, who acts as pro bono counsel petitioning the FCC on the issue, said the high rates are because of monopolies that benefit phone companies and give commissions or "kickbacks" to state governments.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Lee said, “It is encouraging that the FCC has taken the long-awaited first step.”

More work remains “to win justice for the incarcerated and their families,” he said. “The petitioners and their supporters face well-funded companies, supported by private equity funds, who have had no reason to reform their practices absent action by the FCC.”

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