Philadelphia partner Scott Coffina was quoted in the Voice of San Diego in an article titled, “Experts: U.S. Attorney's DeMaio Support Is Legal.”

The article concerns accusations that U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy's recent actions in support of San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio violated Hatch Act. The accusations were levelled by DeMaio's opponent Bob Filner, who has called on Duffy to resign.

Duffy, acting as a private citizen, helped organize a mayoral campaign forum the synagogue to which she belongs. Afterward, she emailed a DeMaio staffer from her personal account, calling Filner's behavior at the forum "uncivil" and that members of the temple believed Filner "embarrassed himself."

DeMaio's campaign forwarded Duffy's email to reporters, which both the campaign and Duffy have said was done without her knowledge. DeMaio later used Duffy's donation and comments to imply he had her backing.

Scott said he believed Duffy acted within the bounds of the law. The email came from her personal account, she emphasized in subsequent interviews that she wasn't endorsing in the race and there's no evidence she intended her email to DeMaio's campaign to become public.

"Everything that she did, it looks like she painted by the numbers," he said.

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