The firm’s involvement in the dispute over the Washington Redskins’ controversial name has been noted by several media outlets.

The firm represents a group of Native American petitioners, who have petitioned the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel six of the team’s trademark registrations that contain the term “Redskins” on grounds that the term disparages Native Americans, making the trademarks ineligible for registration.

On September 6, the Firm filed a trial brief. Partners Jesse Witten and Jeffrey Lopez, and associates John Ferman, Lee Roach, Stephen Wallace have worked on this matter, with support from paralegals Jennifer Criss, Andrew Groesch and Roberto Borgert.

A number of websites and twitter feeds, including Law360 and the Washington Post, provided links to the trial brief.

Washington, D.C., partner Jesse Witten was quoted in the Washington Post and Law360 in articles on the latest developments.

“We’re confident in our case because the term ‘Redskins’ is a slur,” Jesse said in Law360.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Jesse said the petition “makes an important statement about the disparaging nature of the team’s name,”  adding that the “team’s fans aren’t racist, but the fact remains they’re rooting for a team whose name is a racial slur.”

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