The Pennsylvania Environmental Council has recognized Philadelphia associate Dan Reilly as one of its “40 Under 40” environmentalists. The 40 Under 40 were selected among a diverse group of nearly 100 distinguished environmental professionals and volunteers, in a wide range of environmental-related field, including planning, research, education and advocacy. Don Welsh, President and CEO of PEC described the 40 Under 40 as younger leaders who stand poised to tackle Pennsylvania’s most important environmental challenges. Dan was selected from among the nominees for his leadership in the environmental community and his focus on education and awareness as a solution to many of the environmental challenges we currently face.

"I have always viewed environmental issues from a practical perspective – from the technical and business viewpoint, not a political perspective,” says Dan. “I look at what the problem is, how we can solve it, and from whom do we need help to solve it. In my view, this approach lends itself to greater support, and avoids debates/arguments that simply distract from the real issue at hand."

Over the past two years, Dan used this approach with great success in his leadership role with the Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program, a program created by area business leaders to help area businesses "go green."