Philadelphia associate Riley Ross was elected to the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project (PIP). Philadelphia partners Greg Miller and Mary Kohart have agreed to join the organization’s advisory board. The PIP was recently founded by two local lawyers, David Rudovsky and David Richman, and will operate out of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. The PIP has developed a four-fold mission: 1) to secure the exoneration and release from prison of persons who, despite their innocence, have been wrongfully convicted; 2) to educate the Bench and Bar, the general public and lawmakers on the occurrence and cause of wrongful convictions; 3) to advocate for systematic changes that will enhance the reliability of the criminal justice system; and 4) to raise interest, awareness and sophistication of the infirmities in police, prosecutorial and judicial practices that can lead to the conviction of innocence people and the escape of the guilty. This is the first innocence project launched in Pennsylvania. Since the first innocence project was founded in New York in 1992, more than 400 individuals serving long prison sentences have been exonerated based on DNA analysis. In many of these cases, the exoneration led to the capture of the actual perpetrator.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project will celebrate its formation with a reception on April 7 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. For more information on this event, click here.