San Francisco partner Heather Sager's comments were featured in the article, “Court Tosses Punitives Based on ‘Good Faith Efforts,’ ” in the October issue of Inside Counsel magazine. The article reviewed and analyzed the 8th Circuit’s decision in Dominic v. DeVilbiss Air Power Co., which establishes a clear model for employers in handling harassment accusations. Heather commented that, “the general theory is if the employers are acting in good faith, even if they come to the wrong conclusion, you should reward them for trying to do the right thing, as long as they’re doing it fairly, justly and thoroughly.” Although Heather agreed with the article’s conclusion that DeVilbiss was right in part, she said, “I have some concern that employers will view this decision as a bit of a 'get out of jail free card' that might function as a discouragement against proactive measures.”