Some aspire to comedy, others have comedic opportunities thrust upon them. John Cascarano, who recently joined the Real Estate Practice Group as an associate, got the opportunity to have a little fun with his chosen profession when two college buddies called upon him to create “Law School In A Box” for Mental_Floss magazine.

John had been practicing law in Atlanta for almost a year when Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur approached him about he and his wife summing up the knowledge they acquired in law school so that it would fit neatly into a “handsome metal box.”

“The timing of it all was just perfect,” said John. “We were in Atlanta, getting ready to move to Philadelphia. So we finished the book, packed up and made the move.”

“Law School in Box” contains a mini, 96-page textbook with chapters such as “Supreme Wisdom: Some Fancy-Shmancy Legal Quotes to Keep On Hand,” and a section of the best and worst legal movies titled, “Lights, Cameras, Lawyers: Movies to Watch.” The kit also includes 10 “Heroes of the Courtroom” trading cards, 10 extra credit “You Be the Judge” cards, which include such historically relevant case law as Kyllo v. U.S., in which the Supreme Court decided that the police could not search a residence using a thermal imager because, as Justice Scalia noted, “[t]he Agema Thermovision 210 might disclose, for example, at what hour each night the lady of the house takes her daily sauna and bath – a detail that many would consider intimate.”

There is also a bar exam, a mini bar exam and a diploma, written in both English and Latin, giving you everything you need to be a lawyer at a fraction of the cost of law school. The side of the box even provides a handy cost comparison.

John’s wife, Jacquelyn Ona Cascarano, was a semester behind John when they met at the University of Michigan Law School. She had just finished taking the bar when he came to her with the idea of writing this product. “When I told my wife she said, ‘Okay,’ ” he said slowly with his eyebrows raised. Then he smiled, “I don’t think you can really capture her reaction.”

Jacquelyn, an associate at the Philadelphia law firm Margolis Edelstein, was an editor of the Michigan Journal of Race and Law, so while she had writing and editing experience, she wasn’t as practiced in parody as her husband. John was a contributing writer for Mental_Floss before attending law school. However, he noted, the couple shared both the writing and researching.

“We did a decent amount of research for the project,” John said. “We used our law school books and outlines and researched on the Internet. There are a lot of good legal sites out there.”

While John has no immediate plans to work on another, similar project, he has spoken with his friend Mangesh about the two of them writing a book together. “Probably a novel. Maybe with a protagonist that is a midlevel, commercial real estate associate,” he said with a smile.”
Source: Real Estate Associate John Cascarano Has Some Fun with Legal Education