Washington, D.C., partner Jesse Witten co-presented a Strafford webinar on “Medicare and Medicaid Repayments and Disclosures” on January 9, 2019.

Health care providers are required to report and return overpayments to Medicare and Medicaid, regardless of how the overpayment occurred. When determining whether and when to make disclosures and repayments to the government, providers need to consider the amount of overpay, the reporting and refund obligation, and the government’s recovery rights. Providers that fail to report and refund overpayments within 60 days risk violating the False Claims Act.

In this webinar, Jesse examined the legal obligations, benefits, incentives and risks of disclosure and repayment, as well as the impact of the Affordable Care Act on mandatory repayment requirements. He also offered best practices for complying with the requirements for reporting and returning overpayments.

Learn more about the webinar at the Strafford website