Florham Park partner Tracey Salmon-Smith will discuss “Employment Dispute Arbitration at FINRA: Demystifying Litigation Challenges” as part of a Knowledge Group webcast on August 28, 2018.

Financial services employers operate in a highly regulated landscape, and, as a result, face a unique range of compliance issues and challenges when it comes to employment laws. To handle employment and investment disputes for the financial services industry, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) provides an arbitral forum for investors, individual brokers, and brokerage firms.

A panel of thought leaders will go beyond the basics of employment dispute arbitration at FINRA and delve into an in-depth analysis of current trends and recent court rulings. Speakers will also provide practical strategies for bringing out the best in these arbitrations in a rapidly evolving legal climate.

Key topics include:

  • Employment Dispute Arbitration at FINRA: An Overview
  • Current Trends and Recent Court Rulings
  • Key Issues
  • Litigation Challenges
  • Practical Arbitration Strategies
To learn more about the webcast, please visit The Knowledge Group website.