Chicago associate Sumaya Noush spoke at The Rooftops Conference in Chicago on February 23, 2018. Sumaya participated as moderator and co-panelist in a breakout session titled “Cybersecurity, Data, and The Internet of Things.”

The panelists discussed cyber threats that affect not-for-profit organizations, identified key areas of vulnerability, and suggested steps that organizations can take to avoid or respond to assaults on private data. They also discussed the “Internet of Things” and examined how automation and information technology can both enhance building performance and introduce new channels of potential cyber threat.

The other panelists included Allison M. Adams from Schenk Annes Tepper Cambell Ltd., Corby Schmitz from Argonne National Laboratory, and Paul Winters from Wagenmaker & Oberly. The Rooftops Conference is hosted by the New York Law School’s Center for Real Estate Studies. This summer, Sumaya will assist the school with its “Advising Non-Profit Organizations” program.

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