Drinker Biddle partner Matthew Amodeo presented a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, June 21.

There are already several Alternate Payment Models (APM) and Advanced APMs (AAPM) in place for 2017, including MSSP Tracks 2 and 3, NGACO, CPC+ and others. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has indicated it will be introducing more APMs/AAPMs in the future, including a new MSSP Track 1+, which will qualify as an Advanced APM in 2018.

Providers who participate in APMs and AAPMs not only receive more favorable MIPS scoring under the QPP, they are also eligible for financial rewards offered under the APM itself, such as shared savings, quality incentive payments, and care management payments. However, when providers participate in multiple, overlapping APMs, CMS makes payment offsets and other financial adjustments to prevent providers from receiving “double” financial incentives. These adjustments can impact providers’ APM strategies.

This program explored the financial tradeoffs that providers participating in multiple APMs should consider when developing their APM strategies.

Attendees learned:

  • The CMS programs that qualify as APMs and AAPMs in 2018
  • Financial incentives available under each APM and AAPM
  • How participation in APMs and AAPMs impacts MIPS scoring
  • Financial implications of participating in multiple APMs
  • How participating in an ACO could negatively impact your MIPS score