On April 7, Washington, D.C., partner Gary Rinkerman presented a lecture on copyright and other intellectual property rights at London’s Stationers’ Hall. The Hall is operated by the Stationers’ Company, an organization that was founded in 1403 and played a critical role in developing what became Anglo-American copyright law. Gary’s presentation, titled “Chasing IP Rights In The Video Game Universe – From Content Generation To ‘Playing The Player,’” began by noting the first video game patent (issued in 1948) and proceeded to cover a range of applicable law, including patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, rights of publicity, and modern entertainment guild agreements. Contract terms and principles, particularly as they involve digital media copyright concerns, were also featured in the presentation and in follow-up discussions with attendees. Gary was among the judges, practitioners, academics and members of the digital media, video game and virtual reality industries who spoke at the event.

The presentation was part of a larger series of lectures organized by Queen Mary University of London Centre for Commercial Law Studies. Gary’s presentation was a follow-up to his earlier lecture titled “Who Owns Your Decision to Turn Right, Left and Then Right Again – Intellectual Property and Ownership Rights in the New Data Landscape.” Both lectures will also be incorporated into advanced IP presentations for the Centre for Commercial Law Studies.