Partners Michael W. McTigue Jr. and Meredith C. Slawe held a complimentary CompliancePoint webinar titled, “Customer Engagement Compliance & Legislation Review.”

2016 was another year of significant compliance news and regulatory enforcements at both the federal and state level. The question is now what to expect and prepare for in 2017.

Do you know what compliance challenges your organization will face in 2017?

Drinker Biddle & CompliancePoint's webinar focused on the important events from last year and their impact on the New Year.

Our fast-paced webinar covered:

  • FTC & FCC Regulatory Review & Forecast
  • Federal Enforcements & Class Actions
  • TCPA Complexities & Operational Issues
  • State Regulatory Review & Forecast

What attendees learned in less than 60 minutes:

  • New federal & state Do Not Contact rules passed or amended in 2016 & how that may impact your business’s consumer outreach activities via phone, text message, email, & even fax
  • Recent enforcement & settlement actions
  • Key takeaways & lessons learned from the events of the year
  • What to expect in 2017

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