Princeton partner Vincent E. Gentile discussed “ADR for Complex Claims: Choosing and Using the Most Effective Resolution Instruments” for a LexisNexis CLE webinar on Thursday, August 25, 2016.

Complex, multiparty legal disputes frequently involve challenges rarely seen in day-to-day legal matters. Alternative dispute resolution in such instances can be a useful tool, but also potentially problematic. A distinguished former judge and mediator moderated a panel of experienced practitioners who represent plaintiffs, defendants and public entities and discussed how to use ADR most effectively. Topics included:

  • A comparison of citizen suits, governmental suits, private individual suits, and public interest suits.
  • How environmental suits are different or similar to other complex cases.
  • The role of ADR in environmental and complex drug/medical device claims.
  • Confidentiality of settlement negotiations.
  • Damages issues.
  • The nature of complex drug cases being brought, and their venue (federal v. state court).
  • The impact of multidistrict litigation.
  • Most effective way to prepare and use eDiscovery.
Source: LexisNexis Webinar