Drinker Biddle partner Michael P. Daly presented The Knowledge Group’s LIVE webcast, "FCRA Class Actions: Minimizing Litigation Woes for Employers."

There has been a dramatic uptick in FCRA class actions filed against employers in recent years. Because the statute applies to businesses that use consumer reports for employment purposes, employers that conduct background checks have become an easy target if they even arguably fail to comply with the statute’s disclosure and authorization provisions. It is critical that employers understand how courts and plaintiffs are interpreting the statute and review their policies with an eye on compliance and risk avoidance. Drinker Biddle partner Michael P. Daly and other distinguished panelists held an in-depth discussion on defending FCRA class actions and developing effective policies to increase compliance and decrease risk. Topics included:

  • An Overview of the FCRA
  • The FCRA’s Disclosure Requirement
  • The FCRA’s Authorization Requirement
  • Plaintiffs’ Hyper-technical Interpretations
  • Lessons from Recent Settlements and Cases
  • Class Action Prevention and Defense Schemes
  • Best Practices for Compliance and Risk Avoidance
Source: The Knowledge Group’s LIVE Webcast