Peter Blenkinsop, Stan Crosley and Katherine Armstrong presented a webinar, led by moderator Reed Abrahamson, on the recently released draft text of the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Peter, Stan, and Katherine covered developments leading up to the release of the draft Privacy Shield Text on February 29. Topics discussed included comparisons to the EU-US Safe Harbor, new enforcement mechanisms, more detailed notice requirements, and new rules for transfers to third parties.

Some of the key questions discussed included:

  • Should companies that were previously self-certified to the Safe Harbor framework continue to maintain their Safe Harbor certification until the Privacy Shield framework becomes effective?
  • How likely is it that the Art. 29 Working Party will approve the new Privacy Shield framework?
  • Will Privacy Shield requirements be interpreted in accordance with European law and the interpretations of data protection authorities, or is there more room for interpretation?

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Source: Drinker Biddle Webinar