Chicago partner Randy Rucker and Washington, D.C., partner Doug Heffner spoke at Furniture Today’s 2014 Regulatory & Compliance Workshop on Wednesday, November 5.  The workshop was held for furniture industry leaders to identify key compliance issues and challenges and safely navigate the treacherous waters of government regulation.

Randy’s presentation addressed the risks and opportunities that manufacturers and retailers face with imported goods, including tariff classification, valuation, and country of origin marking requirements.  Randy also addressed “Made in the USA” labeling issues and highlighted the distinction between California law and the Federal standard.

Doug’s presentation focused on antidumping duties and the risks that manufacturers face when goods are subject to an ongoing investigation or order.  Doug also outlined the retroactive nature of the U.S. antidumping laws which have the potential to create a contingent duty liability that could last for years.

A summary of the conference can be found here.