Jen Breuer presented a webinar hosted by Progressive Healthcare Conferences focusing on the increased use of social media in healthcare, and the potential liability that comes along with this opportunity. Jen answered the question of how you can bulletproof your social media policy to protect your healthcare facility from costly litigation and educate your employees on the legal implications of social media misuse. The interactive webinar covered:

  • Keys to bulletproof your social media policy
  • How to recognize & avoid potential HIPAA & AMA liabilities
  • HIPAA, the web & patient criticism: Avoid potential violations
  • Solutions for legal & effective discipline for employee online abuse
  • Recent litigation: Lessons learned from other healthcare facilities

Here are some highlights from the program:

  • Facebook, Twitter & More: Creating & Maintaining an Effective Policy
  • Key points to include in your social media policy: Create a guideline
  • Legal do’s & don’ts: Preventing unacceptable posts on social media
  • Inappropriate behavior on the web: Legally discipline your employees
  • Compliance Issues under HIPAA: Be Aware, Know the Facts
  • HIPAA & AMA guidelines for social media: Facebook, Twitter & more
  • Privacy & disclosure issues: What your facility needs to know
  • How you should and shouldn’t respond to criticism online
  • Common Problems When Employees Use Social Media: Protect Your Patients
  • When posts turn to harassment: How to avoid online discrimination
  • Keeping patient info confidential: Strategies to avoid HIPAA violations
  • Ways to utilize social media to boost your reputation & overall image
Source: Progressive Healthcare Conferences