Chicago partner Justin Kay spoke at a Securities Docket webcast entitled, “The Realities of a Daubert Challenge and Economic Damages — An Update,” on Wednesday, July 23. The webcast provided an update on the role of Daubert in cases involving testimony from experts regarding business damages.

Justin examined recent case law applying Daubert and discussed best practices for minimizing the likelihood of a successful Daubert challenge in cases involving calculations of business damages.  Justin was joined on the panel by Jeff Litvak and Brent Miller of FTI’s Forensic and Litigation Consulting, who examined key concepts for calculating business damages, and discussed a NITA case study involving various methods for calculating such damages.  The panel concluded with a discussion of whether the methods utilized in the case study could withstand a Daubert challenge.

To listen to the webcast, click here.

Source: Securities Docket Webcast