Cheryl Orr, Partner and Co-Chair of the Labor & Employment Group, co-hosted and moderated the first panel of the American Conference Institute’s 21st National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims and Class Actions, held May 29-30, 2014, at the New York Marriott East Side Hotel in New York, NY.

Cheryl’s panel, In-House Insights on Wage & Hour Litigation Management: Responding to Enhanced Enforcement; Compliance Strategies; Selecting and Retaining Law Firms and Distribution of Legal Spend in Today’s Environment; and More, discussed a variety of topics, including:

• Common Mistakes and Pitfalls in Wage & Hour Compliance

• New risk areas

• Employment agreements that reduce exposure to claims and keep workers in compliance

• Internal Audit and assessment: Policies, practices, classifications

• Management training

• Employee training

• Developing and disseminating a response plan

• Engaging field personnel

• Factors to consider when deciding whether to hire outside counsel

Source: American Conference Institute’s 21st National Forum