Los Angles partners Kate Gold, Mark Terman and Adam Thurston presented “What Happens at Work Stays at Work:  The California Employer’s Approach to a National Program for Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secret Protection” to the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel.

The presentation, which was broadcast to in-house counsel viewing in three separate locations spread out around southern California, first looked at the California landscape, giving a refresher and update on non-competition agreements, customer and employee non-solicitation, identifying and pleading trade secrets and misappropriation. 

The presentation then looked at considerations for a multi-jurisdictional approach to trade secret protection, including best practices for effective corporate policies and confidentiality and property protection agreements. 

The presentation concluded by addressing social media in a trade secret protection program, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and BYOD, and making the most of choice of law and forum selection clauses in restrictive covenants. 

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.

Source: Southern California Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel