Washington, D.C. partner, Jay Brudz was part of a panel discussion during LegalTech New York 2014 held on February 5, 2014.

It’s a discussion more attorneys are engaging in as they move forward into a changing legal technology landscape: should I choose cloud-based software, or software that’s installed at my office? Both sides of the argument have their merits, but this appellate court-style debate had some fun settling the case once and for all. Three legal technology thought leaders acted as “judges,” while two industry “attorneys” presented their respective cases on why theirs should be ruled the winning viewpoint.

During the course of the proceedings, attendees heard the judges probe the litigants about the pros and cons of cloud vs. premise and the myths and realities of the total cost of ownership for each. They also learned how cloud and premise-based software continues to evolve. They also covered topics such as the considerations of “cost”, ethical concerns around cloud computing, three key considerations: data ownership, security and availability and evolving client expectations.

Source: LegalTech New York