Washington, D.C. partner Mercedes Meyer presented, “List Mania for Any IP Professional - Make a List Check It Twice, Practice IP Twice as Nice!" for the California State Bar In-House Interest Group Webinar on Wednesday, December 18 along with Georgann Grunebach, Vice President of Fox Group Legal.

Mercedes shared her innovative approach to managing an IP issues from patents to copyrights, domain names, trade secrets, and trademarks.  She described work flow, IP filing lists, prosecution and drafting, validity and diligence lists, managing and leading people in IP, new work, and much much more! 

The webinar also discussed how to establish dynamic, efficient and effective lists that entailed how to successfully manage day to day IP activities.  It provided suggestions on how to become a better IP practitioner and how to learn the essentials that all IP professionals should know to manage their desk and their dockets. 

Source: California State Bar In-House Interest Group Webinar