Washington, D.C. of counsel Jason Baron will be a panelist on an upcoming The Sedona Conference® webinar titled, “Commentary on Information Governance.”

The webinar, to be held Thursday, December 5, will discuss an organization’s coordinated, inter-disciplinary approach to satisfying information compliance requirements and managing information risks while optimizing information value. Information Governance encompasses and reconciles the various legal and compliance requirements and risks addressed by different information-focused disciplines, such as records and information management (RIM), data privacy, information security, and e-discovery.

Attendees will learn why Information Governance should involve a top-down, overarching framework, informed by the information requirements of all information stakeholders. This outlook will enable an organization to make decisions about information for the good of the overall organization and consistent with senior management’s strategic directions.

Specific topics being covered in the webinar include:

  • The Principles of Information Governance;
  • Why traditional, siloed approaches to managing information have prevented adequate consideration of information value, risk, and compliance for the organization as a whole;
  • How hard costs, soft costs, opportunity costs, and risk accumulate for organizations lacking adequate control of information;
  • The definition of Information Governance, its fundamental elements, and the resulting benefits to the organization; and
  • The crucial role of executive sponsorship and ongoing commitment

The webinar is being held in conjunction with the release of The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Information Governance. Jason helped draft the document along with partner Bennett Borden. To learn more about the commentary, please click here.

Source: The Sedona Conference® Voices from the Desert Webinar