Chicago partner Keith Anderson spoke at the American Health Lawyers Association’s inaugural Health Care Transactions Conference on April 25, 2013 in Nashville, Tenn.

Keith co-presented "Consolidation Mania: Blurring the Lines between Tax-Exempt and Investor-Owned Organizations." The presenters covered:

  • The continuing and accelerating trend of market consolidation for health care providers and the reasons underlying this trend;
  • What drives access to capital in tax-exempt healthcare providers as compared to for-profit providers and investors;
  • The financial benefits that tax-exempt providers are anticipating from ventures with for-profits;
  • Key recent strategic transactions involving joint ventures or similar relationships between tax-exempt providers and investor-owned providers; and
  • An analysis of key elements and legal issues related to structuring a successful strategic joint venture or similar arrangement between a non-profit tax-exempt provider and an investor-owned provider or funding source.
Source: AHLA Health Care Transactions Conference