Washington, D.C., partner Mercedes Meyer presented a CLE webinar to members of the State Bar of California on Tuesday, Jan 22.

The webinar, titled, “Ethics Post-AIA; Surviving the AIA Apocalypse a Guided Tour of the Brave New Worlds,” provided an examination of the patent practitioner’s world post-AIA.

Mercedes’ examination placed an ‘ethical lens’ over day-to-day procedures for both patent prosecution and claims drafting. She reviewed the shift of duties, new duties, changes to averments and date relevance under the America Invents Act (AIA). Some aspects of the AIA pose greater concern than other areas. Concerns fall into one of three areas: (1) new dates to miss; (2) new averments or certifications that pose heightened risk; and (3) failures to comply with a new duty under the AIA.


Source: State Bar of California