Chicago partner David Sudzus will speak at the American Conference Institute’s 17th Annual Drug & Medical Device Litigation Conference on Tuesday, December 4 in New York City.

Dave, a partner in the the Products Liability & Mass Tort Practice Group, will speak on a panel titled, "Dissecting Evolving Claims Against Generic Drugs and the Naming of Brand Manufacturers as Co-Defendants.”

The panel will discuss:

  • Strategies for responding as co-defendants when both brand and generic manufacturers are cited in a complaint.
  • When disunion on the defense side can lead to bad results.
  • Working cooperatively under a joint defense agreement.
  • Presenting a united front on warning, testing and other issues.
  • Current pharmacovigilance requirements for generics vs. conduct required of brand manufacturers.
  • Understanding the duty of care to generic drug users whose doctors foreseeably relied on the brand-name manufacturer’s product information.
  • Crafting an adequate label and ensuring that its warnings remain adequate.
  • Relying on scientific literature and medical science in evaluating whether the drug generally could cause the injury alleged.