Philadelphia partner Greg Lavorgna and San Francisco counsel Fey Epling presented at ACC SF’s Institute for Advanced Corporate Counsel (iACC) in Burlingame, Ca., on Friday, June 1.

The event featured presentations from ACC SF chapter sponsors on technology issues and general/litigation issues that impact Silicon Valley businesses and in-house legal practices.

Greg and Fey presented, “Supreme Court Trends in Litigation.” Fey presented on recent arbitration opinions in the Supreme Court and developing law regarding the enforceability of private arbitration agreements following Concepcion, particularly in light of existing California Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit jurisprudence.

Greg’s presentation dealt with recent Supreme Court trends in patent law, including discussion of Mayo v. Prometheus Labs., Global-Tech v. SEB, Stanford v. Roche, Microsoft v. i4i, and Kappos v. Hyatt, as well as several other recent cases, and what those cases mean to tech corporations.