Los Angeles partner Pascal Benyamini provided a four-hour Best Practices Seminar for the California Furniture Manufacturers Association (CFMA ) and the California Furnishings Suppliers Association (CFSA) on the following four employment topics: Meal and Rest Periods under the California Supreme Court decision in Brinker; the hiring process; employee evaluations, discipline and terminations; and employee vs. independent contractor classification.

As part of the seminar, employers learned best practices in administering meal and rest periods in light of the Brinker decision.

Pascal discussed the dos and don'ts in the hiring process, including proper interviewing, the use of social medial in background checks, drug testing and physical examinations, the value of job descriptions and the E-verify process.

Employers also learned the dos and don'ts in employee evaluations, discipline and terminations.

Finally, Pascal explained, among other things, what employers need to know regarding proper employee vs. independent contractor classification and the various factors used to determine proper classification.