Chicago partner Thomas Lidbury will co-present an Inside Counsel webinar on Tuesday, April 24.

Tom will be joined by Eric Crespolini, vice-president of eDiscover Technologies at Autonomy, for a discussion of:

  • The implications and expectations regarding the use of advances in Technology Assisted Review technologies based on recent decisions;
  • How Meaning Based Coding combines the ability to understand the meaning of all information including audio, video and social media with the practical meaning of specific issues and tags to deliver highly accurate results;
  • How different types of inputs can be used to develop Meaning Based Coding definitions, including the meaning of documents, specific classes of metadata, as well as results from a preliminary focused review, provides attorneys flexibility to handle each unique matter;
  • The processes that attorneys can follow to increase the accuracy of automated tagging and take advantage of predictive technologies to radically cull eDiscovery data sets in a defensible manner; and
  • How combining Technology Assisted Review technologies with an automated, policy based work flow engine can radically reconfigure eDiscovery matter management.

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