Washington, D.C., partner Mercedes Meyer will travel to Tokyo this month as part of a delegation to meet with Japanese businesses and lawyers on Intellectual Property issues.

During the delegation’s four-day trip through Tokyo, Mercedes will participate in a series of lectures, roundtables and mock hearings. She is also spearheading a Women in IP gathering and will be meeting with the Intellectual Property High Court.

On April 17 , Mercedes will speak on several issues, including the duty of candor in prosecution and the aftermath of recent Supreme Court decisions. She will also play the role of an inventor in a mock USPTO interview, to be conducted before more than 600 members of the Japanese Patent Attorney Association, and is spearheading a first-of-its-kind meeting to help promote women IP professionals.

These high-visibility events are tied to Mercedes' role as a Board of Director with the American Intellectual Property Law Association, and are being used as a model for similar initiatives in China, Korea and India.