Los Angeles partner Pascal Benyamini provided compliant Anti-Sexual Harassment Training to the CFMA and CFSA under California's AB 1825, which requires employers that employ 50 or more persons in the state of California to provide two hours of interactive sexual harassment training every two years to all persons who supervise California-based employees. Pascal then conducted a Best Practices Seminar on Workplace Investigations, Employee Discipline and Terminations.

As part of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Training, employers learned about various issues, including: what constitutes unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation under the California Fair Employment Housing Act and federal law; what steps an employer must take when harassing behavior occurs in the workplace; how to respond to a harassment complaint; key components of an anti-harassment policy; and what can be done to avoid, prevent and stop harassment from happening.

As part of the Best Practices Seminar, employers learned about the Do's and Don'ts in Workplace Investigations, Employee Discipline and Terminations.