Chicago partner Darren Cahr is co-chairing an advanced one-day seminar on social media law for Law Seminars International, “New Issues Arising From Fast-growing Business Models.” The program will explore the evolution of digital social interaction and the unique legal issues that are evolving alongside each new social media trend. The program will address specific policies employers should have in place to minimize the risk from employees and others when they engage in social media. It will also address what professionals need to know to make sure their social media marketing efforts comply with the existing regulatory frameworks, while protecting against harm from competitors, and will consider the ethical implications of social network posts -- including threats from their use in litigation. Darren, a member of the Intellectual Property Practice Group, co-chair of the Advertising and Promotions practice, will present “From Email to Twitter: The History of Social Media from Sharing Information One-on-One to One-on-Many and the Rising Importance of Community Participation and Collaboration.” His presentation will cover energizing the marketing department – including the implications of the coincident growth of data collection and aggregation technology, and the evolving business relationships with customers and employees.

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Source: Law Seminars International: New Issues Arising From Fast-growing Business Models