Philadelphia partner Kathryn Doyle addressed the new faculty at Yale University and Yale University Medical School October 7 and 8, 2009. Kathryn presented a seminar entitled "Patent 101: From Lab Notebooks to Patents," addressing patent law basics, including strategies for avoiding common pitfalls that can jeopardize intellectual property rights. The talk also covers a basic patent primer, good lab notebook practice and some issues particular to universities that affect the patent process. The two talks are the same. one is to the Medical School faculty and the other to the non-medical school faculty.

The topics included:

> What is a patent?
> What is the standard for patentability?
> What constitutes a public disclosure?
> What is the difference between an Inventor and an Author?
> How should laboratory notebooks be handled?
> What is Prior Art?
> Can you patent an invention that is financed by federal funds?
> What is the process for out-licensing and commercializing a technology?