Electronic discovery is now a fact of life in every state and federal case, and in virtually every case that crosses international borders. The 2006 e-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ushered in what some predicted would be far-reaching changes to federal practice. Have those changes materialized? What trends do judges and practitioners identify will continue or intensify over the next year? This program provides a critical look back at the first year under the new rules to identify important strategic and technological best practices and emerging trends. An outstanding faculty of experienced lawyers and judges provides an inside look at the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, their impact on corporate electronic data management, the impact on the ever-changing landscape of litigation technology, and the increasingly complicated state law analogues that every practitioner must consider.

This seminar is designed to provide both corporate counsel and outside counsel with the understanding necessary to advise clients on state, federal and international e-discovery strategic and technology issues. As a participant, you will take away practical strategies that you can apply to benefit your client when you are called upon to provide guidance on e-retention policies or when you handle e-discovery. As an added bonus, important ethical issues related to electronic discovery are examined.