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Maximizing Application of the Recent U.S. Free Trade Agreements to Take Advantage of Duty Saving Opportunities

This webinar will address the status of the latest United States Free Trade Agreements ("FTAs"), in various stages of completion, identifying the opportunities trade with these countries presents for additional duty savings.  The presenters will compare the similarities and differences between the more recent agreements and NAFTA.  The presenters will also review the CAFTA-DR, U.S. - Chile, U.S. - Singapore, U.S. - Australia and U.S. - Morocco FTAs, including the rules of origin, regional value content calculations, and certification requirements.  Finally, the presenters will distribute documentation that can be used to make origin claims under the recent FTAs and a checklist of the documents necessary to support such claims.


Beata Spuhler
Randy Rucker

Ms. Spuhler and Mr. Rucker regularly assist clients with all aspects of U.S. Customs law, including the classification and valuation of merchandise, country of origin and marking determinations, quantitative import restraints, duty-preference and savings programs, understanding and receiving the benefits of free trade agreements, compliance audits, enforcement actions and other trade-related matters. Additionally, in order to assist clients with their compliance efforts and to satisfy "reasonable care" requirements, Mr. Rucker and Ms. Spuhler frequently perform reviews of companies' internal operations and procedures in order to ensure compliance with various U.S. statutes and regulations governing international trade.

Date:Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time: 11:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m. C.S.T.

To register:Please contact Sandy Roberts at sroberts or call (312) 569-1704.  The webinar is complimentary.

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