Our firm is a special place to work because our community of talented, diverse, and passionate lawyers and staff is committed to upholding five core values: a commitment to similar professional beliefs and goals, collaboration with mutual respect and fairness, culture that values civility and diversity, integrity that exceeds professional and ethical standards, and excellence in everything we do.

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To make sure that our firm remains a special place to work, we strive to create and maintain an environment where our people feel included and supported from the moment they start (whether as a summer associate, first-year associate, or lateral associate), through their time with us, and beyond. This commitment to inclusion and support is reflected in part by the following committees and initiatives:

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that by reflecting the composition and attributes of our clients and communities, we are better equipped to understand their needs and objectives. One of our firm’s core values is to cultivate an inclusive culture.

Our diversity initiatives are designed to:

  1. Foster mutual professional and personal respect.
  2. Create an environment in which individual contributions are valued and biases based on race, gender, sexual orientation or any other category do not exist.
  3. Attract the best and brightest legal talent from all backgrounds.

Learn more about our Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


On your first day with us, you will begin to form lifelong relationships and become part of a collegial community. We have an active alumni community, which includes more than 2,300 people throughout the world. Our alumni are thought leaders, industry experts, advisers, mentors, advocates, business executives, elected and appointed officials, and trusted professionals. Our alumni network is dedicated to helping our current and former colleagues stay connected and providing our people with valuable resources, benefits and career opportunities to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Our strength as a law firm derives from relationships, both internal and external, and our alumni relationships occupy a special place within our community because they link the two. To sustain that link, our Alumni Relations Team oversees a variety of initiatives, ranging from maintaining an alumni directory and job board and creating quarterly newsletters and alumni profiles to hosting reunions, exclusive social and networking events, and CLE programs where we can reconnect in person. Whether publicizing new job opportunities, connecting our alumni with old friends, creating mentorship opportunities, or facilitating introductions, our Alumni Relations Team is ready to help.

Learn more about our Alumni Relations Program.

Pro Bono

Pro bono is part of who we are and what we do, every day. Since 2015, we have devoted more than 65,000 hours to pro bono work, from counseling services to courtroom advocacy. We encourage our lawyers to take up the matters and causes that interest them (our pro bono cases are as varied as our people) and work for causes that call out for the skilled advocacy that only the best lawyers can provide.

Learn more about our pro bono efforts.

Women’s Leadership

We are deeply committed to attracting, retaining and advancing women at the firm. As part of our efforts to achieve this goal, we have a vibrant Women’s Leadership Committee that has the full support of the firm and senior leadership to spearhead sustained and ongoing programs to foster the development of great women lawyers.

Learn more about our Women’s Leadership Committee.


Associates at Drinker Biddle advance based on meeting expectations regarding productivity and satisfaction of certain Core Competencies which provide a roadmap for development of an associate’s legal skills. Because an associate’s development is reinforced by feedback, we have implemented a quarterly review process to help ensure that associates receive regular and ongoing feedback. We realize that not every career follows the same path, and we have a dedicated Career Counselor to serve as a resource and sounding board. For more information on our advancement system, evaluation process, and Career Counselor, please see below.

Core Competencies

Advancement is based in part upon achievement of defined Core Competencies in four categories: technical lawyering, client focus, execution, and professionalism. The Core Competencies provide associates with objective guidance on their professional development and clarify what associates should master at each stage of their careers


We believe that regular feedback is critical for development. Consequently, associates are reviewed on both a quarterly and an annual basis to ensure they are getting the necessary feedback to be excellent lawyers and advance in their careers.

Career Counseling

We have dedicated Career Counselors who support lawyers in their career development. The Career Counselors serve as a confidential resource and are available to:

  • Act as a sounding board and adviser regarding career planning and development.
  • Identify resources for career planning and development within the firm, or for consideration of alternative paths outside of the firm.
  • Help lawyers transition to or from leave and provide advice on work/life integration.
  • Assist with developing personal business plans.

Career Portal

Our lawyers may have differing career goals, including career paths other than becoming a partner at our firm. To support our lawyers, we have an internal Career Center that lists legal and compliance positions referred to us by clients, firm lawyers, alumni and other friends of the firm; resources to connect with alumni in various industries; and other tools to help our people on their professional journeys.

Hiring and Recruiting

Our firm is a special place to work. To help us find exceptional candidates who share our core values, we have a structured interview process. For more information, please see below.

Summer Program Interviewing

We have smaller summer classes than other big law firms, and we invest heavily in the associates we hire out of law school. Consequently, we are very selective about who we invite to be part of our firm.

Our summer associate interview process is candidate-focused: while we want to make sure you have time to learn about us, we want to make sure we learn just as much about you. We also want to provide you with different opportunities to show us why you would thrive as a lawyer at our firm. We do that in several ways.

  • We have meaningful conversations. Our junior lawyers have important responsibilities early in their careers because we leanly staff our client matter teams. As a result, we look for candidates who not only have great analytical skills, but also take initiative, think creatively, know how to relate to a client, and are interested in learning about how to develop client relationships. To help us find such individuals, our lawyers will talk to you about times and circumstances where you have exhibited these types of behaviors. The materials you provide as part of the interview process (resume, transcript, writing sample) are a jumping-off point to do so. While some of your conversations will be traditional one-on-one interactions, you will also meet with a panel of two or three lawyers.

  • We have a writing exercise. We recognize that not all candidates showcase their strengths the same way, and the writing exercise portion of our interview provides a platform for you to demonstrate skills, abilities and instincts that a traditional interview may fail to reveal. The exercise does not test your legal knowledge. Rather, it posits a question to which we provide the answer, and asks only that you communicate that answer in writing—something you will do daily as a lawyer. To ensure that you are evaluated fairly, what you write is assessed blindly.

We are looking for law students who know themselves and are genuine; who have demonstrated strong initiative, superior interpersonal skills, and good judgement; and who have great analytical skills, think creatively, balance taking ownership with good teamwork, know how to relate to a client, and are interested in learning how to develop client relationships.

Our firm will be conducting our 2020 Summer Associate Program in our Chicago, Dallas, Florham Park, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. offices.

The Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship Program underscores our dedication to diversity and our commitment to recruit, develop and retain talented lawyers who will contribute to diversity within Drinker Biddle and to the creation of a more inclusive legal profession.

Drinker Biddle intends to award Diversity and Inclusion Fellowships (“Fellowships”) each year to qualified law students. Diversity and Inclusion Fellows (“Fellows”) will be selected from a pool of applicants who have completed their first year of law school and seek summer employment at Drinker Biddle. This award is contingent upon first receiving and accepting an offer of employment for a summer associate position at a Drinker Biddle office as a Fellowship Candidate. After the successful completion of the summer associate program at Drinker Biddle, the firm will select Fellows from the summer associate class of Fellowship Candidates. To receive the Fellowship, a candidate must receive and accept an offer of employment from Drinker Biddle as a Fellow after the completion of the Drinker Biddle summer associate program. Each Fellow selected from among the applicants will receive a $10,000 award (less any applicable withholding taxes) intended to defray the cost of law school tuition and related expenses. Fellows will receive their awards within the first three months of employment as a first-year lawyer at Drinker Biddle. Fellowships may be available in any Drinker Biddle office that is offering summer associate positions in a particular year. For the summer of 2020, these offices will include Chicago, Dallas, Florham Park, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

To be eligible for a Drinker Biddle Fellowship, applicants: must meet the academic and hiring criteria of Drinker Biddle’s summer associate program, must have a demonstrated commitment to the advancement of diversity in the legal profession, and cannot be the recipient of a similar scholarship award from another law firm. Applicants should have a genuine interest in a career at Drinker Biddle. To apply for a Drinker Biddle Fellowship, you will need to complete the on-line application and submit the following documents: resume, law school transcript (showing all first year grades), undergraduate transcript, legal writing sample and a personal statement, not to exceed 600 words, addressing what you believe demonstrates your qualification for the Drinker Biddle Fellowship. The personal statement may include some or all of: a description of your academic, personal and/or professional strengths; contributions, through community service or otherwise, to the cause of diversity; and/or how you have overcome adversity, such as a personal or family history of educational or socioeconomic disadvantage, and have demonstrated the tenacity and talent to excel as a lawyer.

Please note: Interested candidates may only apply for a Fellowship in the office in which he/she has been extended a callback interview.

Our Summer Associate Program is designed to give students a real-world experience with our firm through active assignments with clients and experiential learning modules with our litigation and corporate practice groups. Here are some frequently asked questions.

How will I be compensated?

Our summer associates are paid the weekly equivalent of $165,000-$190,000 (depending on region) per annum.

How long is the summer program?

Our summer associate program is nine weeks long.

Where are summer programs available?

We offer opportunities in our Chicago, Dallas, Florham Park, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. offices.

Will I receive guidance and mentoring?

You will receive two tiers of support: an associate-host and a partner-mentor. The associate-host serves as your informal guide and a comfortable, peer-level resource for all your questions. The partner-mentor acts as an adviser and teacher, providing you with guidance on your professional goals and giving direct feedback on your work. Your partner-mentor also liaises with the Summer Committee to ensure that you receive the appropriate, high-quality assignments you need to start your career.

How will I be evaluated?

Feedback is ongoing and informal as well as structured and formal. We make sure you are always receiving constructive guidance so you can constantly gauge your performance and make improvements that help shape you into an excellent professional.

How are matters assigned and reviewed?

Client matter assignments are reviewed by the assigning lawyer, who provides feedback on your research, analytical, writing and communication skills. The assignment modules are reviewed by lawyers in the practice group involved in the module. You will receive both practice-group and individual feedback on each module—feedback covers the substantive legal issues raised in the module, your performance on the module, and guidance about how to handle similar assignments in the future. All assignments are also reviewed by your partner-mentor, who focuses on developing your writing skills over the summer.

What is the final review process?

Besides having informal discussions with you about your work and progress over the course of the summer, the Summer Committee will meet with you individually in the middle of the Summer Program to discuss progress and to provide guidance about how to approach the second half of the summer. During the last week of the program, the Summer Committee also provides a final review and discusses your practice group preferences with you.


The National Association for Law Placement, Inc. (NALP) serves as the premier source of information for legal career planning and recruitment. The NALP Form provides job seekers with basic information about our firm and hiring practices. To view our firm-wide form, please click here. To view our forms by office, please click the city names below.

Chicago, IL Form

Dallas, TX Form

Florham Park, NJ Form

Philadelphia, PA Form

Washington, DC Form

Law School/Job Fair

2019 Confirmed Dates

American University Washington College of Law


Baylor Law School 08/07/19

The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law


Cook County Bar Association Minority Job Fair


Chicago-Kent College of Law


DePaul University College of Law


Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law

Duke University School of Law

Fordham University School of Law

George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School


Georgetown University Law Center


George Washington University Law School

Howard University School of Law 08/05/19

The John Marshall Law School


Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair
08/07/19 - 08/09/19
The Law Consortium Washington, D.C. Off-Campus Recruitment Program

Loyola University Chicago School of Law


MCGC Chicago Walk-Around Program  08/05/19

MCGC - Washington University, St. Louis Regional Program


New Jersey Law Firm Group


Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law


Notre Dame Law School


Patent Law Interview Program


Penn Law's Chicago Regional Interview Program

Philadelphia Area Diversity Job Fair


Philadelphia Walk-Around Recruitment Program

Rutgers School of Law - Camden


Rutgers School of Law - Newark


Seton Hall Law School


Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law 08/06/19

Temple University Beasley School of Law


Texas Tech University School of Law

University of Chicago Law School


University of Illinois College of Law


University of Michigan Law School


University of Pennsylvania Law School


University of Virginia School of Law


Vanderbilt CH Regional Interview Program
Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law 08/06/19
William & Mary Law School 08/07/19
William & Mary Greater Washington Interview Program 07/31/19

Training and Integration

Our greatest assets are the quality and experience of our lawyers. We make a substantial investment in our lawyers’ professional development, particularly for associates. Summer, first-year and lateral associates alike have the opportunity to participate in training and mentoring programs at our firm. These programs help associates develop the legal, leadership and networking skills necessary to produce the next generation of excellent lawyers who will lead our firm into the future. For more information on the types of training we provide, please see below.

First-Year Training

Our First-Year Associate Development Program is an intensive three-month training program designed to prepare new lawyers for practice and help them to build relationships. We emphasize experiential training through lectures, presentations and modules. Our associates work on assignments based on real-world scenarios, which may include preparing for a client interview, drafting a motion or negotiating an acquisition agreement. During the program, we challenge associates to ask questions, take initiative, work collaboratively, adopt a client-focused mindset, and produce individual or group work product. By the end of the program, associates are better equipped to begin their practices. During the program, associates do not have billable hour expectations.

The program is organized firm-wide and combines practical skills training with practice group-specific training. Practical skills training focuses on general legal skills, including problem-solving, communication and presentation, contract interpretation, writing and editing, and ethics and professionalism. Practice group training challenges associates to focus on substantive areas of law. In these exercises, an associate may be asked to draft a client memorandum or an agreement, conduct a mock deposition, make a presentation to a mock client, or engage in heated negotiations for a mock financing or acquisition.

As associates begin to practice following the three-month training program, they continue their preparation through our apprenticeship program by observing senior lawyers in action. This phase facilitates the transition from training to the full-time practice of law.

Lateral Integration

We work to ease the transition of lateral associates into the firm in a variety of ways. We assign each associate a peer adviser to act as a guide during the first year, and encourage participation in our mentoring program where the associate would be paired with a partner or counsel mentor. The Professional Development Department conducts check-in meetings with each lateral associate at various points during their first year with the firm to ensure that integration has been accomplished. Offices often will host breakfasts or lunches to welcome lateral associates to the firm and to ensure that they meet with many of the lawyers and staff with whom they will work. Our larger offices schedule lateral associate social group outings to help build camaraderie among the lateral associates in that office.

Summer Associates

Our Summer Associate Program begins with a firm-wide orientation at which summer associates from across our various offices gather in Philadelphia for several days to meet each other, meet firm leaders, and learn about our firm. Once they return to their home offices, our summer associates begin receiving assignments on client matters. Assignments are made available in a variety of ways: some are made available via an online portal (which enables our summer associates to identify projects of interest to them), and others are directed to specific summer associates based on their interests. Our summer associates are also encouraged to seek out assignments in practice areas of interest to them.

We also conduct sophisticated assignment modules. The modules are designed to prepare our summer associates for the practice of law in a large law firm. The modules are short case studies (based on real-life client issues) that combine theory (provided by partners) and practice (with help from associates) to ensure that all of our summer associates have the opportunity to tackle complicated issues across different practice areas. Because of the modules, upon completion of our Summer Associate Program, every summer associate will have drafted a motion to dismiss, drafted a letter of intent, and conducted due diligence.

At our firm, regular feedback for associates is the norm, and summer associates are no different.  We encourage our summer associates to solicit informal feedback and encourage our lawyers to provide it. Summer associates also receive more formal feedback in the form of mid-summer and end-of-summer evaluations.

Our firm is committed to mentoring across all levels, and we demonstrate that commitment in our summer program by assigning two mentors to each summer associate: an associate and a partner. The associate gives the summer associate a comfortable outlet to ask questions and gather information. The partner serves as an adviser, providing the summer associate with guidance on professional goals and input on work product.

Our Summer Associate Program also includes a variety of social gatherings, ranging from dinners, shows and sporting events to pro bono clinics and community service projects.


Our Leadership Education and Associate Development (LEAD) Program, which is part of the firm’s “Leadership Excellence” initiative, provides lawyers with the opportunity to assess their current leadership skills and design strategies for their own education and growth. The curriculum is ongoing and is continuously updated with relevant topics for our lawyers, and has included mindfulness, igniting work engagement, effective management to empower those who work for you, positive politics, and self-awareness. Upcoming topics include emotional intelligence, self-management, effectively giving and receiving feedback, and leveraging your network for success.

Business Development Training

We believe it is important for associates to build client relationships early in their careers. We have developed a unique program to teach lawyers business development skills and support their ongoing career growth.

Drinker Biddle Road Trip

Drinker Biddle Road Trip is an opportunity for associates, counsel, and senior attorneys to travel to another of our domestic offices and immerse themselves in that office’s community during a one- to three-week visit. Participants have the chance to get to know new lawyers and staff, learn about other practices, and socialize outside of the office while enjoying the culture and attractions of a different city. The firm covers all hotel, transportation and meal costs.

Well-Being 360

Acknowledging the extent to which health and well-being can enhance our personal and professional lives, Drinker Biddle encourages its attorneys and staff to participate in Well-Being 360, a firmwide program that, as the name suggests, empowers us to become our best selves.

Well-Being 360 takes a holistic approach to improving physical health and mindfulness. It relies on various training and education programs, an on-line exercise application, and, perhaps most important, maintaining a community committed to reaching individual and collective goals.

The program’s origins can be traced to the American Bar Association’s 2017 National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, which shone a bright light on the seriousness of substance abuse and mental health disorders within the legal community.  Well-Being 360, the winner of an incubator challenge, is designed to combat these issues and to foster an environment in which firm employees can thrive. Drinker Biddle assembled a committee comprising attorney and staff representatives that went about implementing Well-Being 360 firmwide. The program launched in October 2018 and has since enjoyed high rates of participation and early evidence of success.

Program components include:

  • Training and education on such topics as emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict management, substance abuse, finance and nutrition.
  • Mindfulness training designed to help employees focus their awareness on the present and otherwise reduce stress through mediation and related techniques.
  • Wellable provides a web-based platform that leverages technology and the behavioral sciences to create individualized physical fitness challenges.
  • A dynamic portal page housing easy and secure access to all Well-Being 360 resources.


Mentoring is key to success, and while some of the best mentoring relationships are informal and organic, formal mentoring programs can plant the seed necessary for that relationship to grow. We sponsor a variety of formal mentorship programs, each of which targets associates at different stages of development.

Opt-In Mentoring Program

Our Opt-In Mentoring Program is available to all associates. The mentoring program gives associates an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a partner or counsel for informal feedback and guidance. Each associate can choose a mentor in his or her practice group or in another practice group. Each pairing lasts at least one full year. At the end of each year, the associate can request to be paired with the same mentor or with a new one, giving the associate the option of deepening the relationship with his or her current mentor or building relationships with more partners and counsel.

Peer Adviser

New associates and lateral hires are paired with peer advisers within their practice groups to help them acclimate to the firm and learn firm policies and processes.

Senior Associate Adviser

Associates who are promoted to “in the window” status are in the partner promotion window. We pair these associates with recently promoted partners to help guide them through the promotion process and transition to partner.

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