Companies across all industries collect, use and store ever increasing amounts of data in the course of doing business, which raises privacy, security, information management, e-discovery, and other legal compliance issues.

The U.S. regulatory landscape is evolving with multiple federal regulatory agencies taking interest in information privacy and security matters, and state laws add another layer of complexity. In addition, comprehensive data protection laws have been adopted by many countries around the world, with significant implications for the collection, use, storage, and transfer of data.

Our Information Privacy, Security and Governance (IPSG) team brings together experts across multiple areas of the firm and is equipped to assist clients with assessing information privacy and security practices, developing information governance programs, responding to regulatory compliance inquiries and investigations, and handling litigation related to information privacy and security compliance.

The IPSG team works with clients on operational privacy risk assessments, mapping of information flows, and the creation of appropriate privacy policies and procedures. We counsel clients on requirements under a variety of federal laws and work with clients in all sectors. Our professionals have served as “virtual privacy officers” for clients without a dedicated information privacy function, to help develop and manage a corporate privacy program.

We also help clients develop appropriate information governance programs that allow them to better manage their data, which lowers their regulatory and compliance risks. It prepares them to handle any litigation or regulatory issues that may arise in relation to the collection, use, disclosure and security of personal information and other data. We provide information governance training to chief data and privacy officers, human resources personnel, and other staff on handling information, privacy policies and procedures, and other data management issues.

Our firm also has deep experience with e-discovery and data analytics, which are essential to responding to regulatory investigations, data breaches and litigation challenges. We counsel clients on offensive and defensive e-discovery strategies and have developed review protocols using advanced technology to comb through and target relevant data, which has led to significantly faster review rates and lower costs for clients. Our lawyers and team of technology professionals at Tritura Information Governance LLC have developed cutting-edge methods in data analytics, including algorithms that detect and prevent corporate misconduct.

Information Privacy, Security and Governance

DBR on Data

Data is driving the global economy. Effectively using, managing and protecting this data is a top priority for companies and organizations both large and small. The challenge is to maximize the great potential of data to better serve consumers and constituents, all while safeguarding data from continuously evolving privacy and security threats.

We created the DBR on Data blog for those interested in taking a holistic approach to handling their data assets — considering the latest developments in privacy, cybersecurity, information governance and data analytics.

Through this blog we will showcase what we know, what we do and what we track so we can help you harness, utilize and manage your data.