Speaking Engagement - 06/20/2013

New Free Trade Agreements: Compare and Contrast NAFTA and its Progeny

Drinker Biddle Webinar

Chicago partner Randy Rucker hosted a webinar that discussed some of the key bilateral and multilateral FTAs and highlighted their similarities and unique differences. To view the webinar, click the play button below.

Life Settlement Disclosure Legislation

Insurance Alert
Stephen C. Baker, Alan M. Kidd, Nolan B. Tully, Katherine Villanueva

What are an insurer’s duties to insureds about disclosing the possibility of a life settlement? At least three recent cases have addressed an insurer’s duty to inform insureds about the existence and availability of life settlements. Moreover, a handful of states have already enacted legislation requiring insurers to inform insureds about the possibility of a life settlement.

CIT Contains “Parts of” Provisions

Client Alert
Kathleen M. Murphy, Mollie D. Sitkowski

On January 21, 2016, the Court of International Trade (CIT) agreed with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and held that Container Store storage units were properly classified as base metal mountings in heading 8302 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) rather than as parts of furniture in HTSUS heading 9403.

The Year in Social Enterprise: 2015 Legislative and Policy Review

Client Alert
Elizabeth K. Babson, Robert T. Esposito

The past year proved to be a landmark year in the brief history of the emerging social enterprise sector. Indeed, 2015 witnessed continued legislative efforts and important policy developments that illustrate the increased commitment to, and governmental support for, innovative social enterprise corporate forms and the impact investing thesis.

New Patent Subject-Matter Eligibility Test Hurts US Competitiveness

The Hill
Robert L. Stoll

The article discusses the deterioration of the United States’ position as the world leader in patent protection for new emerging technologies

The Brave New World of Distributions: Understanding Distribution Education Will Be an Important Part of our Future

ASPPA Plan Consultant
Bruce L. Ashton, Fred Reish

Los Angeles Partners Fred Reish and Bruce Ashton published an article titled, “The Brave New World of Distributions,” in the ASPPA Winter 2016 issue of Plan Consultant. The article discusses the recent and proposed actions by regulators on distribution, rollovers and IRA investing. Fred and Bruce explain how education on retirement plan distribution will help retirement plan practitioners avoid fiduciary status. They also provide an alternative for the proposed regulation and ...