New York associate Robert Esposito was quoted in a Triple Pundit article titled, “Crowdfunding Links Small Investors To Social Enterprise Startups”. The article explained the result of a study on the first 50 issuers under the new Regulation Crowdfunding exemption that Rob co-authored with partner Marc Leaf.

In May, the SEC implemented rules that allow anyone with Internet access to invest small sums in startup companies, with a maximum permitted offering of $1 million per year. “Regulation crowdfunding” is similar to Kickstarter, except one major difference: “The sites connect funders with offerings. When you send money through Wefunder or SeedInvest, you get stocks or bonds instead of CDs and thank-you notes.”

“Crowdfunding is more likely to succeed when you have a good story to tell, and social enterprises have good stories,” said Rob. “Social entrepreneurs also embrace innovation quickly. And these kinds of businesses often find it difficult to raise early-stage financing through traditional methods, because traditional investors don’t see them as competitive. So it makes sense that they would turn to people who support their mission,” he added.

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Source: Triple Pundit